TPG Speed Test – Check Your Internet Speed

What Is TPG?

TPG (Total Peripherals Group) is an Australian largest internet provider company established in 1986 by David and Vicky Teoh. In July 2020, it combines a giant ISP by merging two Australia’s leading companies, TPG and Vodafone Hutchison Australia. With high quality on-net infrastructure, TPG is offering high speed internet to its users that is backed by world’s top next-generation networks.

TPG is providing nationwide Fibre Optic, Ethernet broadband, NBN, and ADSL2+ access. Moreover, you can also get internet packages plans for SIM Only Mobile. The main goal of TPG is to provide best internet with high speed to complete Australia. Currently they have covering Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

What is TPG Speed Test Tool?

TPG Speed Test tool is an internet speed checker tool that provide 100% accurate speed of your internet. With the help of our TPG Speed Test Tool, you can check your internet’s download and upload speed over the web. With fastest growing technology and internet, it is not reliable to have a slow internet connection. The real problem occurs when you are in a hurry and browser shows the webpage slowly.

As the modernism in technology and techniques has taken over the world, our 99% of the work is done on the internet. It is not right to comprise on your work just because of slow internet. But now you don’t need to worry because TPG Internet Speed Test is here for you. Our speed test tpg tool let you know the Ping, Jitter, Upload and Download speed. With all of these metrics, you can figure out where your internet speed is dropping. What could be the possible reason for it. Once you get it, you can sort out the particular problem.

Note: Perform speed test 2-3 times to get most accurate results.

5 Quick Steps to Follow for Accurate TPG Speed Test Results

🚫 Disconnect all devices connected to the router either through WiFi or Ethernet cable. The reason is other devices will slow down the internet speed.

✖ Turn off VPN if any connected (both free or paid). All VPNs break down speed and make internet very slow.

💻 Close all other browsers and tabs except the speed test tab. Also close all programs and software that are consuming internet speed because they will negatively impact the internet speed test results.

🔄 Restart your modem and browser before performing a speed test.

🌐 Connect your device with the modem through Ethernet cable because WiFi can slow down speed.

Speed Test Result Components

Most of us don’t know the components of internet speed. It is very important to have knowledge about them because these components will help you understand what internet speed consists of. They will help you know at which point your internet is lacking so you can fix it or call your ISP. These components are:

➡️ Download Speed

➡️ Upload Speed

➡️ Latency/Ping

➡️ Jitter

Now let’s have a look at each of them one by one!

What is Download speed?

The download speed is known as the speed at which a data is transferred from the internet to your device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile). It is usually measured in Mbps. The good range for download speed is 20Mbps to 200Mbps.

With download speed, you can perform different activities like browsing internet, streaming HD movies, shopping online, watch videos on YouTube, scroll social media and much more.

What is Upload speed?

The upload speed is opposite to download speed in which the data is transferred from your device to the internet. It is also measured in Mbps. The good range for upload speed is 10Mbps to 50Mbps.

You can do different activities with upload speed like doing video or voice calls, zoom meetings, uploading files on Google Drive, doing Whatsapp and Skype calls, posting pictures and videos on any platform including social media and much more.

What is Latency/Ping?

Latency is also known as ping or delay which is measurement of time delay in sending data from one place to another or to the server. It is measured in milliseconds and good ping range is 0ms to 150ms. Ping tells the quality of the connection.

What is Jitter?

Jitter is the inconsistency in the ping which tells how strong is the internet connection. It is indirectly dependent on ping and is measured in milliseconds. The good range for Jitter is 0ms to 100ms. If you are getting higher jitter, the more inconsistent your internet connection will be. For example, you may have faced delay in the video or voice calls on Whatsapp or Skype which is due to high Jitter.

Credibility of TPG Speed Test Tool

TPG Speed Test tool is a free tool that has tested hundreds of connections till now and is continuously analyzing more TPG connections. It helps to check your internet speed, reliability, smoothness, and quality. Using TPG Speed Test tool you can check four components of your internet connection as mentioned above and the quality of your connection. Not only this, you can get these benefits also:

  • The tool will calculate internet connection speed anytime and from anywhere all around the Australia.
  • You can do speed test on all devices mobile, tablet, laptop, and PC.
  • It helps you know whether your ISP is providing you accurate speed or not.
  • It also tells you which component is weak and then you can troubleshoot it.

5 Common Problems for Slow Internet

This is 21st century and it is very important to have high speed internet because the world is moving fast and we have to stay up-to-date. What makes your day worse is getting very slow internet speed even if you have 150Mbps or more connection. However, it is possible that you get slow internet even if you have good internet connection. There are few reasons that make your internet slow.

Below are 6 common problems that makes your internet slow and also have their solution later in this article. You can troubleshoot and skyrocket your internet speed within no time.

1. Internet Connection Type

You need to check which type of internet connection you have because it is important factor for speed. There are different types of connections i.e. Dial-up, DSL, Cable, WiFi, Broadband, Hotspot, or Satellite.

If you have dial-up internet connection, then you will surely face slow internet because it is one of the oldest connection. Next is DSL, Wifi, and Hotspot connections are also slow but faster than dial-up. The fastest internet connection is through broadband fiber optics.

2. Line or Modem

It may also be possible that your modem is outdated or misconfigured. It is also a chance that your line is not stable and there are joints in it or the line is old one. You need to ensure both first and if faulty contact your ISP.

3. Multiple Running Applications

If you have installed multiple applications in your device and most of them use internet, then it is possible that they are running in the background and you are not aware of it. Remove all unnecessary applications and close the ones that are not needed for now through Task Manager.

4. Multiple Tabs

Opening multiple tabs in your browser can also slow down internet speed. With increase of tabs in your browser, you internet speed starts getting slow. Due to many tabs, no website will open properly. Try to open only the important tabs and close rest.

5. Connected Devices

Last but not least, too many devices connected to the internet can also slow down the speed and no device can get proper speed. Try to use minimum devices or package allowed devices so everyone gets high speed.

How to Make Your Internet Speed Fast?

Above we have seen the common root causes that makes our internet slow. Here we will see possible solutions that will make internet speed fast. All of these steps can be performed at your end and you don’t need technical knowledge for it.

These solutions are:

1. Use Ethernet Cable

Yes, WiFi is more convenient and easy to use because there is no cable to manage. But WiFi connection will break the speed and you will face slow internet. If you really want to increase your internet speed, try switching to Ethernet cable directly with your router. It will improve your internet speed and also lower the jitter score which makes connection more consistent.

2. Remove Cache Data

After deleting files, videos, images, and other data from your device, it is not fully deleted and the cache of that data is stored in cache memory. Try to clear the cache data because it will boost your internet speed.

3. Position Router Correctly

If you are getting slow internet speed, have you tried to move your router to some other position? If not, try to position your router close to your room or place it in your room. If you are a member of big family, place your router/modem in middle of the house so everyone gets correct speed.

Best TPG Internet Plans in Australia

Currently TPG is providing wireless, broadband, and NBN internet connections. All of the plans are based on 30 days renewal period. For some plans, you will get discounted price of $10 for first 6 months and then $10 will be added every month from 7th month. Below is the detail on each package offered by TPG.

Package NameSpeedDataValid ForCharges ($)
Home Wireless BroadbandUp to 20MbpsUnlimited30 Days$44.99
5G Home BroadbandUp to 100MbpsUnlimited30 Days$54.99
NBN12Up to 12MbpsUnlimited30 Days$64.99
NBN25Up to 25MbpsUnlimited30 Days$69.99
NBN50Up to 50MbpsUnlimited30 Days$74.99
NBN100Up to 100MbpsUnlimited30 Days$79.99
NBN Home SuperfastUp to 210MbpsUnlimited30 Days$94.99
NBN Home UltrafastUp to 450MbpsUnlimited30 Days$114.99

FAQs about Internet Speed Test

How Can I Test My Internet Speed With TPG?

As mentioned above, TPG Internet Speed Test Tool measures both uploading and downloading speed of your internet. The download speed tells how fast the internet sends the data to your computer via internet. The upload speed tells how speedily your computer sends data to internet. Both of these tests contribute to your final internet speed test tpg. In computer words, the number of kilobytes per second (kBps) or kilobits per second (kbps) downloaded or uploaded by your computer’s browser helps to test internet speed.

How to Use The TPG Speed Test Tool?

After we understand the speed test, the most anticipated question here is how to use the TPG Net Speed Tool? The answer is quite simple. Our TPG NBN Speed Test website is compact, flexible and easy to use. Our tool is supportive to all browsers and all TPG connections. To check the TPG speed, you need to select the server if required and click on Go button. Our recommendation is don’t choose other server because our tool automatically connect with best server according to your location.

How to Test Internet Speed TPG?

The internet speed test TPG on our TPG speed tool is simple and very easy to perform. You need to visit and select your favorite server from the list. After you select server, click on Go button to start the start. The tool will automatically test 4 metrics of your internet Jitter, Ping, Upload, and Download Speed. Once all 4 metrics are measured, the result will be displayed on the same page. If you are not satisfied, you can retest your internet speed with out TPG supported speed test tool.

How True Are These Speed Tests by TPG?

Our TPG Wifi Speed Test and TPG Internet Speed Test Tool measure the internet speed 100% accurately. Our tool uses fastest server to check what are your home internet speed. With the help of our network speed test tpg, you will get to know 4 metrics download, upload, jitter, and ping speed. Our tool uses advance technology and is backed-up by world’s top network companies that makes it highly professional and highly accurate TPG speed testing tool.

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